Is this the ultimate in Japanese pop and sex culture? Combining sexy moe of otaku anime girl characters AND hi-tech, high quality production of an onahole sex toy, the 3D Custom Girl USB Onacon  is an adult computer game that works interactively with a masturbator.

3d custom onacon onahole girl game masturbator

Tech Arts 3D first produced the 3D Custom Girl in 2008. It was such a hit that they have come up with more versions. It allows you to customized a perfect female character with 3,300 different parts... and then play with her as you will. Now you can turn that 2D world into a truly 3D one thanks to the new set, which includes a superior masturbator toy.

3d custom onacon girl otaku idol masturbator onahole

This onahole vagina features an entrance replicating the sensation of penetrating a virgin every time, followed by a tight, stimulating passage. It ends with a warm, generous uterus that will hold all the juices of your climax.

onacon 3d custom girl otaku game idol onahole masturbator

On top of the cute and sexy sound and voice effects that the game has, one of the other really neat hi-tech additions is the ejaculation button on the side of the onahole. It connects by USB to your computer so you can interact with your customized character. By pressing the ejaculation button you can synchronize your mutual orgasms!

onacon girl 3d custom game idol otaku masturbator onahole